Rubber Flooring rolls

Rubber flooring rolls are one of the best options and choices you can make when looking to fill your flooring needs. You will find them used everywhere from households to medical facilities to commercial buildings, around swimming pools, fitness centers, laboratories, stores and many other places. You will find them literally everywhere.

Rubber Flooring rolls

These rubber flooring rolls are an excellent choice when it comes to flooring applications. They are extremely versatile and built to last. Their springy texture makes them very comfortable to walk on and they are extremely convenient when having to stand for long periods. Due to their softness and comfort, they help to reduce sprains, leg injuries and discomfort in general. They are often affectionately referred to as anti-fatigue flooring.

Other features of this type of flooring are that minimal maintenance is needed for upkeep. They are very stain and bacteria resistant, which is one reason you see them in so many medical and health care environments. They are also very safe in areas where there is electronic equipment due to their being non-conducive in nature.

These rubber flooring rolls also absorb sound very well, which is why they are so prevalent in places like fitness centers. The material is stain-resistant and very easy to clean.

And although these rolls may not be as appealing to the eye as their cousins the interlocking rubber tiles or squares they do a far better job of preventing seeping and leaks than the tiles/squares ever will.

Rolled rubber flooring is also good for the environment since for the most part they are manufactured from after-consumer recycled materials, and not only that, but the rolls themselves are in turn recyclable. So as far as environmental concerns go, it is a win-win.

When making other comparisons of rubber flooring rolls versus tiles and squares, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Another of the advantages that the rolls have over the tiles is that there is less chance of tripping on the rolls as opposed to the squares where there is always a chance, albeit a small one, that one of them may be sticking up and cause you to trip. This could be pretty dangerous depending on where you happen to be and if you happen to be carrying something.

And finally, this article would not be complete without addressing the issue of affordability. Rubber flooring, regardless of which type you choose is, in addition to being safe, comfortable and convenient, very affordable. Even on the high end you will not find yourself spending an arm and a leg for this excellent flooring option.

Rubber Flooring rolls

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